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It was New Year 2016. We thought a lot, studied the breed and finally decided that Shiba Inu is exactly what our cheerful family lacks. We wrote to the only breeder geographically close to us and she had one girl available. We called her SASHA and looked forward to her arrival at our house…


Never-ending happiness came into our lives with her appearance! This cheerful and active puppy gave us a huge amount of emotions. Day after day we loved her more and more! Phone and camera were full of photos and videos of her. She was very obedient, although I read everywhere that Shiba Inu are too independent and are difficult to train. Nevertheless, we easily walked through the streets without a lead, say nothing of the dog parks. She could make friends with any dog or cat, even if they resisted)).

Sasha was happy to accompany us everywhere: in the forest, on the beach and while fishing. She behaved perfectly in the car. Being very sociable, Sasha was always ready to play with other dogs, and we could spend hours in dog parks. And wherever we go, we never need any lead for her!

Our friends bought a dog of the same breed and we spent a lot of time in the dog park together. It was a real pleasure to watch their games! Then I realized that I want to have a lot of shiba inu dogs, and that this breed should win the hearts of Canadians. I decided to find a boy for our princess.

One year later YOSHI appeared in our house. It was impossible to watch this boy without emotion. Sasha and all our cats melted immediately! He was allowed to do absolutely everything, although he didn’t think to do any harm. He loved other dogs, cats, birds, children... everyone! He was always ready to kiss them all!

Sasha was very glad to have such a new friend and took full care of him. Largely thanks to her Yoshi grew up so special! He is the most kind and caring daddy in the world, even if it's not his puppies. Each time I looked at him, I thought, it's impossible, he can't be real! But he is real and I don't stop thanking God for him!

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